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Creators Architects is one of the top architects firm in Delhi, focused on enhancing building experience for users.
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Mukta Gupta

Senior Partner

Mukta Gupta


Mukta Gupta is the founding partner of Creators Architects and has practiced architecture for over 30 years. She received her Bachelors of Architecture with honours from University of Roorkee (Now Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee) in 1983 and is a qualified evaluator for sustainable building by GRIHA in 2010.


Her experience ranges across a wide spectrum of projects- education, commercial, offices, landscapes, streetscapes, heritage, and urban development. Specialising in urban landscapes, she was the head designer for project in under spaces of PeeraGarhi Overpass in Delhi, one of its kind in India that utilises spaces created under an over pass and neighbourhood cultural centre below Raja Garden over pass.


She did streetscapes for Sardar Patel Marg and mother Teresa Crescent Marg, both which are important roads in central Delhi’s Lutyen’s zone and are used by ministers and diplomats. Mukta Gupta had been instrumental towards concept and schematic stages of Pondicherry University, Indian Institute of Skiing and other Projects.