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Creators Architects is one of the top architects firm in Delhi, focused on enhancing building experience for users.
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Utssav Gupta


Utssav Gupta

B.Arch, M.Arch, CoA, AIIA

Utssav Gupta is a practicing architect and a partner at Creators Architects.  He studied architecture at Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Delhi and Architectural Association, London; authored technical papers and publications, worked in Delhi, London and is now doing projects pan India.


Utssav Gupta is a key part of the design team at Creators Architects and designs master plans for educational institutes, commercial buildings and urban environments like river edge development and cultural islands. He works with expats and NRIs for their projects in the country.


He keenly pursues design through research and innovation. He has specialised in working with mathematical expressions which he uses to handle complex designs and optimises them for performance. Inspired by nature, he works on understanding natural phenomena’s, forms and patterns to create sustainable and community oriented designs.