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BAURTS Workshop

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B.A.U.R.T.S Discovery Workshop is designed to engage stakeholders to discuss ideas, view points and experiences – giving a clear sense of requirements, helping understand the users, analyzing if it makes sense in the larger picture and therefore helping take better decisions at the right time.


It is a systematic diagnosis of your project synonymous to diagnostic test done before prescribing a medical treatment.
Design thinking is an integral part of the discovery process to add real value to the clients.

What is B.A.U.R.T.S ?


Business Case




User Profile


Risk Assessment





Workshop Success Stories


Our workshop team has run the workshop with clients for projects related architecture, master planning, interior design as well as specialty projects. Our clients have not only reduced their budgetary expense but have significantly benefited from on time project deliveries.

Here are just a few of our success stories.


With the aim of addressing patient centricity, connected care and healing environment,  a group of doctors and management professionals,  trying to restructure the old hospital and expand the facilities with the addition of new area.

Hospital Group Jaipur


The foundation’s new world head quarters is being shifted  and in the center of their actives and campus is the meditation hall aiming to cater to 50,000 people or more. Such a large capacity shall require A larege foot print comparable to airports and is a challenge to manage people movement.

Spiritual Foundation Trust, Hyderabad

Right foundation step with

B.A.U.R.T.S Workshop ™

Benefits are active as well as passive

Setup project correctly from the outset

Understand clear project objectives

Identify stakeholders and their level of influence

Understand risks and plan for it

Understand user profile

Understand how it sets in your business profile

Define the KPI's for project

Capture requirements and identify needs from wants


How Does It Work ?

Bridging the gap between business ecosystem and your infrastructure

The journey for successful projects not only begins with a deep and comprehensive understanding of the people being designed for but with an alignment of design with business objectives.

How Do We Do It ?

Using design thinking as native base for workshop, we dive deep into the subject.

It is an interactive and collaborative workshop that will help you to get an ‘in- focus’ picture of the current environment. It not only helps you save time and money but in building the overall image of the project/business.

See what they say about design thinking >>


Solving The Right Problems

The process allows identification of real needs and problems by exploring in depth.

The result is a possibility for more accurate solutions.

This is just the tip of the iceberg

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