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project strategy

It’s Time to be Strategic About Projects

300, a powerful story where a few greeks held army of a million Persians solders. Battle lasted for days; only thing that greeks had and Persians did not was a strategy.
This is what happens to projects, despite having the best of the consultants, project mangers, what projects often lack is a strategic outlook.


In this case study, a project costing over INR 50 crores, public in nature and very prestigious, much awaited complex with temple and facilities was gradually coming to a stall. Multiple conflicts and no clear direction left the clients in dilemma.


There were consultants, project managers, architects, client advisors, What could possibly go wrong that put the project to a stand still?
During the third party audit, Creators Architects studied the site and methodology, we diagnosed the problems to 15 key issues, a few of which are-
– lack of preplanning and too many piece meal decisions.
– no single coordinator/ leadership that covers entire technical preview.
– gaps in technical roles and definitions.
– lack of decision making/ stakeholder structure.
– wrong sequence and priority of works.
In other words, project path was undefined and therefore project moved on an unsustainable course.


Real culprit was missing strategic outset from start.
It is not uncommon to find projects in such situations. Improper set out during initial phase lead to clashes in long run.


Tendency is to rush into implementation stage and appoint delivery partners, however it’s important to be clear on why and what is to be achieved, before embarking on how to do it.
Unclear goals and lack of understanding of associated risks makes decision making adhoc and ideas un-channelised. Critical path of project is therefore not established until it’s too late.
To get the project back on track, there was a need for a team leader and a strategy consultant. Creators Architects was assigned to put the project on right track. Applying outside in approach with strategic outlook, we came with clear set of action plans.


We emphasised on the following:
– taking a break and completing planning rather than planning on the go.
– separating essentials from non essentials and focusing on important problems first.
– preparing rectification plans and making large changes first that would have impact on bigger areas.
– revisiting the original goals and understanding what made them change.
– re-establishing stakeholders roles and building up a communication chart.


Big impact requires proportional steps. Project course shifted back into right path, technical gaps were bridged by Creators Architects and conflicts were resolved.
Investment in strategy planning at start can assure project success and help save millions in the end.