Creators Architects | AB inBEV, Crown beers office
The design for Ab InBev, a brand oriented office, is rooted on collaborative environment and interactive places. Planning focuses on engagement with brands enhanced by light quality, material and textures.
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AB inBEV | Crown Beers Pvt Ltd

About This Project

AB inBEV, one of the most renowned beer manufacturing companies, holding multiple brands, required a new office to expand their business activities and work. New needs to collaboration led us to rethink and evaluate the flow of visitors, interaction of users, and population pattern of spaces. The office was designed in three major parts, public meeting areas, cafeteria, and main work area. Each part was aimed for different form of collaboration and was aiming to a different mood set using lights, material and textures.

From large group collaboration to small one on one meeting, each area was designed with provisions for interaction, screen share and access levels. In the work hall area, facilities like tele booth and wide table tops provided privacy levels to individual. Management committee was further enabled with telepresence room and a quick meeting area called the war room for brainstorming activities.

Designed using neutral colours, it gave a perfect backdrop to the company’s dynamic branding and values associated to each of their owned brands. Splash of corporate colours in training room brought life and made the area fun. Brewery brick panorama gave a welcoming entrance to the office.


Completed in 2016


INR 4cr


Crown beers pvt Ltd


DLF city, Gurgaon


Corporate office

Interior Design, Offices and Headquarters, Selected
Collaborative Environment, engaging, interactive, Light quality, Office Design, projective, soundscape, space planning