Creators Architects | Development Of Under Spaces Of Overpass At Peeragarhi
The under spaces of overpass at peeragarhi was developed to eliminate disturbance caused by anti social elements, crimes, garbage dump, and scapping of urban neighbourhood. Entire stretch was designed by landscape and surface treatment. Landscapes created through dry surface textures and riverbed stones.
Flyover landscape, public space landscape
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Development Of Under Spaces Of Overpass At Peeragarhi, Delhi

About This Project

Growing cities are calling for a lot of infrastructural development and better connections. Overpasses have been developed to create free paths for main arterial roads. However, a lot of repercussive spaces are created which are mostly inhabited by anti social elements and become centre of crimes and garbage. Under-spaces in overpass carry a huge potential not only to eliminate such disturbance, but also to scape urban neighbourhood.


Development of Peeragarhi overpass’ under-space was the first experimental project towards this thought. With limited budget, entire stretch was designed by landscape and surface treatment to activate the space. Plants were carefully selected considering light limitations in deeper areas of overpass.


Water is very native to landscapes and provides very harmonious ambience. However, being a maintenance intensive element, the effect was created through dry surface textures and riverbed stones. Whole theme depicted a river delta with lots of stream flowing out towards main road.


Concept of free U turn was introduced for the first time in Delhi. The island created in between was installed with police beat box and pedestrian cross over with ramps leading to street level. Planter islands with multiple elevation levels and stool type seating were designed to discourage misuse of these spaces during nightfall. Redundant pile heads that were left during construction and could not be demolished were also incorporated as a native element.


Completed in 2003


INR 0.7 Cr


Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation


Peeragarhi, New Delhi


Public space

Civic and cultural, Landscape and streetscape, Selected
cityscape, potential, reuse of spaces, Urban landscape