Creators Architects | Election Education Centre Cum Museum, Delhi
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Election Education Centre Cum Museum, Delhi

About This Project

The museum is located on the first floor of the iconic old St Stephen’s College Building, currently housing the office of the Delhi Election Commission on the ground floor at Kashmere Gate, Delhi.


Different sections of the museum were designed to chronicle country’s historical electoral journey with artifact, documents, photographs and film exhibits. Separate areas were designed for audio visuals, interactive systems, different types of display zones and library for visitor access.A special area was dedicated to Gandhi Samiti where one can see how Mahatma Gandhi propagated his view of enfranchisement in South Africa and then in India.


Careful attention was given to the movement flow in the museum for the visitors, especially school children, a primary target of the election museum, to make them aware of each and every phase of the electoral journey.



Kashmere Gate



Civic and cultural, Selected
Light quality, narritive, Refurbishment, visitor flow