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Third major expansion of IMS Ghaziabad group for upgrading academic courses. The campus was designed as a compact facility promoting an innovative learning environment. The façade was designed to look strong, modern and project a new image of growth.
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IMS Ghaziabad, Campus 3

About This Project

Campus 3 of IMS Ghaziabad group was the third major expansion of the group for upgrading academic courses. It was required to look strong, modern and project a new image of Institute of Management Studies Groups’ growth.


Abutting national highway, the campus was designed with academic building towards front and residential like hostels and staff quarters towards inner side. Towards being projective, the scale of the building was handled so as to get the maximum visual impact from the highway.


The facade itself was developed as responsive towards light control and solar gain. Using high pressure sheets, the cutouts were informed by solar angle, openings behind and over all intended pattern.

The building stands tall projecting a continuous wave which folds around the edges and binds the academic block. Due to its scale, panel contraction and installation required special engineering and management making it one of its kind.


Completed in 2014


INR 47.07 Cr


IMS Group of Institutions


Ghaziabad, U.P


Educational Campus

Architectural, Institutional and educational, Interior Design, Selected
Campus Design, Fabrication, Facade Design, Material, Modern, projective