Creators Architects | Jashpur – Tribal Circuit , Chattisgarh
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Jashpur – Tribal Circuit , Chattisgarh

About This Project

Chhattisgarh is probably the only place in India where one can witness such a rich and indigenous tribal cultures and arts. Tribal tourism circuit conceptualized to highlight such rich cultures.


Jashpur town is located to the north of Chhattisgarh. The town takes pride in its natural vista – the lush green woods, a cluster of hills, soothing surroundings with a rich bequest of flora and fauna and above all, the tribal societies dwelling in this area. It is mainly a tribal inhabited area who leads their lives in traditional styles.


Due to the abundance of natural resources there is great scope for the promotion of modern adventure sports as well such as water sports, trekking, rock climbing, parasailing and bungee jumping. Craft Haats can bring their arts closer to national and international tourist alike. Tribal interpretation centers can highlight their unique cultures. Rich tribal cultures combined with modern infrastructure and amenities will provide the right balance of cultural experience as well as modern comfort to the tourist.

Tourist Complex


Jashpur, Chhattisgarh


Minister of Tourism, Chhattisgarh


INR 20cr


Planning stage

Civic and cultural, Public Spaces, Selected
eco-sensitive, Ethnic, Modern