Creators Architects | Pushtidham, Godhra, Gujarat
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Pushtidham, Godhra

About This Project

Pushtidham, the largest temple complex of Vaishnav sect of Hinduism. It is temple cum community centre providing community service of medical, education and others. Design philosophy revolves around lotus theme with its central temple being completely designed in the shape. It is the only one of its kind in the state of Gujarat coming upon the Bamroli Road in Godhra.  This project was originally designed by Earth consortium, Ahmedabad and was later awarded to Creators Architects in the capacity of mid-project officiating architect where the firm relooked at design and details to make it buildable, safe and enhance the designs.


Posing some unique challenges in terms of engineering and geometry, conventional working system did not work for the project. Creators Architects brought a tight bridge: solved materiality, techniques and interdependencies, and with design interventions of colour play, lights, sound and elements brought the true experience for all the Vaishnava followers who would be visiting this religious place.


Temple was designed to provide a serene environment with varied experiences to the devotees. Parikrama runs at three levels, each one having their own elements to offer. Lighting design enhances fine geometrical curvatures of petal, pathways and facade characteristics.

Religious cum Community Centre


Godhra, Gujarat


Jayanti Lal Charitable Trust


INR 65cr


Under Construction

Architectural, Civic and cultural, Public Spaces, Selected
Mixed use, Religious, Technology