Creators Architects | RMR Marmo Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
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RMR Marmo Pvt. Ltd., Delhi

About This Project

RMR Marmo Pvt. Ltd., a showroom and sales office for a premium stone dealer in a famous stone market of Delhi was conceptualised with showcase of stones that extends beyond conventional wall mounts and rack displays. With foreground of site containing stockyard, the building was placed towards rear side with a grand entrance lobby. A world map was designed as a flooring pattern where each country was made out of a different stone, preferably a native one.

Indirect up lighter illuminates the area and ceiling contains a faceted dome to reflect it back. Also, acoustics in the lobby were improved. Corporate offices were designed in ground and first floors. The project was covered and praised in various publications.


Showroom and office


New Delhi


RMR Marmo Pvt. Ltd.


INR 2 cr


Completed in 2003

Architectural, Interior Design, Offices and Headquarters, Selected
display, lighting, materials, projective