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War Memorial, Historic wall memorial, Water side memorial
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Sarai Ghat War Memorial, Guwahati

About This Project

On the bank of Dighali Pukhuri, which lies at the heart of Guwahati city, proposed war memorial depicts a legendary war of Assam. Sari ghat war is perhaps one of the most strategically planned wars where the battle was fought on boats over river Brahmaputra. The winning strength for ahoms was their boat rowing skills which provided them an edge over Mughals and their large artillery.

War memorial is designed to play with existing levels of water. Boat plaza stretches out into the lake and is lead with two side walkways surrounding the water coves. Grand steps of the staircase and the ramp lead visitors down from street level to the lake level. The canvas of war is set by wall depictions and a large sculpture of boat with roars towards the lake.


Memorial Space




Sainik welfare, Government of Assam, Assam


INR 10 cr


All architectural and site planning: All stages


Last Phase

Civic and cultural, Master Plan, Public Spaces, Selected
Heritage, lake front, terrain, tourism